05 November 2012

Where Ya Been?

One year away from blogging.  So much to discuss.  So little time.

What has changed since this time last year?  Let us examine.

-Chairman Obama is still our Dear Leader, but with any kind of luck he'll be shown the door later this week.  I'm not endorsing Herr Romney for President.  I'm advocating ridding ourselves of this Obama pestilence.  Gnats for mosquitoes.

-Alabama beat LSU in SEC play.  As much as I enjoyed the BCS title game, last night's was a very exciting game.

-Not sure how it happened, but I'm suddenly a Notre Dame hater.  Weird.  I used to be a fan.

-Still waiting for the World Series to be played.  What?  It is over?  The Giants beat the Tigers?  In a sweep?  When did that happen?

-I'm still raising money for Knights of Heroes.  Wasn't able to compete in the Seoul Marathon last winter due to injury.  I've recovered and am two weeks into training for the New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in February.  My lovely bride comes to me and says hey, let's spend a weekend in NOLA.  We'll have the grand folks watch the kids.  And we can run a marathon while we're at it.  You betcha, says me.  Beignets, po-boys and 26.2 miles, a lethal combo.

-Sandy wrecked the Jersey shore.  Actually, I thought Snookie had already done that.  Lately all I am seeing in the news are stories about looters and robbers and helpless homeowners trying to defend their homes with makeshift weapons.  Guess that's what happens when you live in states and cities with uber-restrictive gun control laws.  From what I have seen and learned in our new neck of the woods, the looting and robbing phase of post-disaster activities would not be met with just sawed-off broom handles, and indeed this phase would be VERY short lived.

-Two thoughts on the coming election.
     -It seems to me the Libs are increasingly lying to themselves about their campaign performance.  Makes sense.  They lie to everyone else, why not lie to themselves?
     -Vote early, vote often.

-Why is it people can threaten on Twitter that they gon start a MF'in riot if Romney wins, and it's no big deal, Michael Moore can threaten a presidential candidate with bodily harm and it is no big deal, half-wit white "comedians" can threaten white folk with black violence (if I was blacker I'd be offended) and it's no big deal...

-There has been no stand out performer in college football this year.  Wouldn't it be awesome if either (A) they didn't award the Heisman this year ("We're sorry, but you all were pretty ordinary this year"), or (B) they awarded it to someone other than a QB/RB/WR?  Barrett Jones for Heisman.

05 December 2011

All Emotion Atide...

Here are a few reasons why all you Ok St fans can just shut the he77 up:

- You lost to a 6-6 team.  In double OT.
- Bama lost to a 12-0 team.
- Stanford lost to a 11-2 team.
- Boise St lost to a 10-2 team.
- Houston lost to a 11-2 team.
- You get one shot every 50 years.  You blew it.  Here's to the 2061 team.

OkSt should play Boise St and do us all the favor of beating the smithereens out of the Broncos.  Then I might actually listen to the whining.  No, actually I wouldn't, but I wouldn't nominate you for the task if I didn't think you could do it.  Instead that honor goes to 6-6 Arizona State.  I'm suddenly a huge ASU fan.  Hey Boise, if you get a Bowl game that is not only before New Years Day, but before Christmas, you just had your nose rubbed in it.

All emotion aside, the two best teams will play for the championship.

Why we do not need a playoff system:

- I'd rather listen to the incessant whining of the fans of a 11-1 team arguing about why they deserve a shot at the title than the fans of a bunch of 9-3 teams arguing about why they deserve the last seed in a playoff.

Nightmare Scenario That Never Happened:

- Boise St doesn't miss that FG. Houston doesn't choke against Southern Miss.  LSU loses to UGA.  BCS title game with Boise St and Houston.  PUHLEEZE.  As Bama and OkSt showed this year, to get ranked and stay ranked (even after a loss), you have to play a decent schedule.  And win.  You play scrubs, and toss a game, you get no respect.  I swear, if Boise St is in the pre-season top-ten again I am going to go insane.

Here's to a month of listening to Ok St and Boise St and the rest of the Rodney Dangerfield college football gang (I get no respect).

03 December 2011

Weeks 1-3 Recap

Week 1:  Ran three times during the week, hitting all the short runs.  I don't remember why i didn't do the long run (6 miles) on the weekend, but I didn't.  Total distance for the week: 9 miles.

Week 2: Hit two of the weekday runs and the long run (7 miles).  Skipped the Tuesday run for whatever reason.  Total distance for the week: 13 miles.

Week 3: Skipped the Wednesday run, but split the difference and added some miles to Thursday and Saturday.  Saturday was also the first Knights of Heroes team run.  Total distance for the week: 15 miles.

Only 15 weeks to go.

Help Knights of Heroes help a child.